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28 February 2010

Saturday shopping

From H & M I got some gorgeous blue/navy style tops and two lace detailed 'pretty' tops:

Long navy style stripy top with puffy shoulders - £.7.99

Short stripy top with puffy shoulders/arms - £5.99

Cream coloured top with lace details on shoulders - £5.99

Same top as on the above picture, but in dark grey - £5.99

From New Look I finally decided to purchase this dress that I have been drooling over for weeks!

All over black lace with amazing low cut (but not too revealing) cleavage - £.24.99

Can't wait to wear this dress on a night out!

Still taking advantage of the 'save 1/3 on selected Soap & Glory' deal at Boots, I thought I'd give their moisturiser a go, as I am so happy with their milk cleanser.

I am 'only' 26 and have no wrinkles as of yet, but this felt and smelt so delicious, that I am giving it a go anyway - £6.48 (should have been £9 somthing)

That's my money spent for the weekend!

Did you buy anything good?


  1. Very pretty purchases, hope you enjoy wearing them :) x

  2. I picked up the 1st striped top too ;-) Gutting that ''skinny' sizes cost 7.99 mine cost 12.99 !

  3. @Matron-Jo: I can't believe that they charge more for larger sizes! That is so...wrong!

  4. i swear by h&m
    great finds~
    that wrinkle thing sounds quite interesting.

    I didn't buy anything this weekend :(
    instead my computer died and I had to spend 75$ to fix it. argh

  5. Ouch, that sucks! Maybe next weekend you can go to H & M? They have so much cute stuff right know!



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