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6 February 2010

H&M Hello Kitty

These are so cute!

Wonder what the quality is like though...

Anyone tried either of these products?

Are they any good?


  1. I loved Hello Kitty as a little girl and always shopped at Sanrio ! Great post & lovely blog :) Mon Mode Blog

  2. I saw them at the shop the other day and I was tempted to buy the body splashes. However, I did not like the scent very much!
    H&M eyeshadows are very normal quality. I usually take them on holiday when I do not want to carry my other, more valuable, makeup.
    Lip balms are usually quite good at H&M!
    Hope this helps.

  3. @Zanah - Thank you :)

    @Catanya - That DOES help, great!

  4. Hey! I have npt personally tried and of the hello kitty brnad but my friend has and I have some expereince of H&M makeup products. The one thing I'll say is that if youre getting glitter eyeshadows, both me and my friend found that after you use the initial layer of glitter youre left with a blah sort of colour underneath. I still wear them, but full on shimmer it ain't! Hope this helps ;) x

  5. Thanks for commenting on my blog, sweet heart! Iforgot to say that I find H&M makeup bags really cute, too!

  6. Wow H&M and HK~ What a combo!

  7. I ADORE Hello Kitty so LOVE ur post! :)
    I myself got one of H&M's new HK make-up bags the other day and featured it on my blog so check it out lovely and treat yourself to some HK!!!!

  8. @DangerouslyBeauty - Hmmmmm...that doesn't sound too good. So maybe I should stay clear of the eyeshadows then?

    @Catanya - I think I will definitely get a makeup bag!

    @wjandsw - Tell me about it! :D

    @Claire - Haha, I will treat myself, hun :)


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