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11 October 2010

Blogger Help: Where can I get the clear cube makeup storage in the UK?

I desperately want one of these:

Would be SO perfect for all of my makeup!

Lots of US gurus and makeup lovers own these, but unfortunately I have not seen anything like this in Manchester :(

Anybody know where I can buy one of these (or similar clear drawers) from in the UK? Preferably not online, but in an actual shop...

I want, I need...HELP!


  1. I get loads of acrylic drawer sets from MUJI and you can stack them. They have loads of different sizes and types. I also found some nice acrylic stuff in homebase today. I'll post about it tomorrow.
    I saw that Lisa had it but it was way too expensive on the site she suggested.
    Good luck.

  2. I know Muji sell something similar. Which loads of UK bloggers use.

  3. me too!! ♥

  4. Thanks girls! I will definitely check out Muji!!

  5. i bought a drawer set from homebase - it has two drawers then a lid which lifts up (so three compartments in all)
    last year i also bought an acrylic storage system from 'what!' (a cheapy store which only cost me £3 something). I went back recently but they'd stopped selling them :( i'll probably do a makeup collection/storage soon which will show it!

    amazon and john lewis also do the same types of things xx


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