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16 October 2010



This should be good! Bit like Coyote Ugly, but with more oomph :D

We know that Christina Aguilera can sing, but can she act? We shall see...

Premieres Thanksgiving in the US (December for the UK).

What do you think: Burlesque - HIT or MISS?


  1. it looks cheesy and predictable but im blatantly gonna watch it lol x

  2. HIT!!!

    Looks great, a real girly feel good film.
    Dec long time away. :(

    Opi are doing a collection from the film! : )


  3. @Onna - Haha! You won't be alone ;)

    @Katie - Really!? I didn't know that! Keeping an eye out for that then :D

  4. i'm quite excited to see this. :) xx

  5. hit! c'mon Cher and Christina together? diva overload LOL
    they are both fantastic performers so im sure there is going to be some great music in this film


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