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26 September 2010

New York in my ♥

Had an absolutely amazing time in New York (as always)!

Can't wait to go back! ;)


  1. Your pictures are amazing! Its one of my biggest dreams to go to New York, so I love seeing pictures like this :) xxx

  2. Thank you, Megan! It's easy to take good pictures in New York as it is so beautiful! :)

  3. Amazing pictures:)
    I love New York! Hope you had a wonderful time

  4. omg im so glad u had a good time!!!!! Looks like the weather was great from your photos! So happy sometimes the weather is true crap here. haha never visited the guggeheim myself... but i love seeing the city through your eyes =D !
    Please come back soon!

  5. Your photos look amazing! So jealous! Looks like you had a great trip

  6. Lovely pics - they look like they're from a magazine!

  7. Thank you for your amazing compliments, girls!


  8. Love the pics! I can't wait to visit NY one day!!! You look like you had a blast. xxx


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