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7 September 2010

I'm off to the Big Apple!

I leave tomorrow... SO excited!!!

Sadly there will be no blog posts for about 10-14 days :(

But when I get back I should hopefully have some nice photos and new beauty buys to show you :)

See you when I get back, lovelies!


  1. Aw you lucky duck, have fun sweetie xx

  2. Very jealous, have a fab time! xx

  3. have a great time here! the weather has been amazing!!! if you have yet to find EOS they are sold n Duane Reade =)

  4. have fun!

    waiting for your posts ;)

  5. Lucky thing! Absolutley loved my time in New York even if I did go when it was bitterly cold. Enjoy!

  6. You're in my neighborhood lol. Hope you have fun :)

  7. Ooooh!!! That is so exciting!! I hope you have fun, I look forward to seeing some lovely items on your return!! Oh and the answer to your question iiiiss Tetly! I buy the 50 bags box... Can't quite remember how much it was but I think it was chaeper than the twinings ones! The lemon grass and ginger one isn't the strongest flavor but it's really smooth and nice if that makes sense! haha that's a lot of tea talk there! xx

  8. I cant believe I only just found your blog! I just spent the past hour or so reading back and just saw you tagged me mooonths ago!

    Lovely, lovely, lovely!xo

  9. @Kirsty - Oooo, thank you! I will hunt that Tetley tea down ;) x

    @Emma - Thank you! I absolutely ADORE your blog (hence the tag) :D x


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