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13 March 2011

A healthy snack

In case anyone wondered, this is what I am using my Cath Kidston food tray for:

(No, I'm not 3 years old, but this was just too cute to resist :D)

I love a little dose of vitamins at the end of each night (or in the mornings). Today I went for orange, kiwi, grapes, 2 brasil nuts and raisins. Lots of vitamin B, C, E, fibre, calcium, iron, protein, potassium and zinc. YUM!


  1. that makes fruit a whole lot more appealing! lovely idea x

  2. Love the food tray and that looks like an amazing snack! x

  3. the little tray suddenly makes it look so much more appealing :)

  4. Girls, I swear it tastes better too :D


  5. Love it so girly and cute xx

  6. Cute tray, yummy snacks!:D

    ***** Marie *****


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