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28 February 2011

Health, nutrition and immunity boosters.

I'm kind of obsessed with everything to do with nutrition and how to naturally boost my body's health through what I eat. I just find it fascinating to know exactly which vitamins and minerals enter my body through certain foods!

If I could go back in time I would have chosen nutrition studies at uni (and not Eng. Lit!) because I would have loved to work in this particular field.

Anyway, I've spent today re-reading my books for some inspiration...

Inspiring to read :)

At the moment I am trying my hardest to cut out refined sugar from my diet; it has seriously scared me to read about the side-effects of sugar (cancer, depression, osteoporosis, premature aging and suppressed immune system to name a few...)


Sugar = baaaaaaaaaad!

Fruit and veg = goooooooood!


Anybody else interested in nutrition?

I'm always looking for good health/nutrition books,
so if you can recommend one I will surely check it out ;)


  1. Oh! I didn't know that! :O
    It's really interesting all these things
    you're talking about and it's good to
    take it into consideration ;)

    Sorry, haven't got no books to recommend! XP


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  3. yes yes yes!!!!! i buy so many of these food/nutrition books its facinating to read what foods do what for the body! Glad to know im not alone in buying these! as they are always on SALE

  4. wow no more bad sugar for me for a while now! (I say that, but watch, I'll be snacking on something sugar-filled tomorrow haha)


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  6. @Racheel - Totally ;)

    @Lilladylife - Yes, glad to know I'm not the only one either :) So interesting to read, right?! :)

    @Coco - Haha, I know. Easier said than done ;)

  7. Not strictly a nutrition book but there's a skincare book out there called Skin Deep and that makes for an interesting read. Talks about how different chemicals react with your skin and the effects it can have within your body too :)

    Rebecca x (

  8. Medizym is a completely natural product which is used for maintaining an inflammation and immune system.


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