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29 January 2011

Blogger Help: Where can I get the Topsy Tail ponytail maker in the UK?

When I was younger I used to own one of these:

which is the perfect tool for creating this ponytail look:

I went to Boots today expecting to find one, as this would be a perfect work-hairstyle for me at the moment, but alas, no topsy tail or anything remotely similar.

Have you seen this tool in any UK shops? Or bought this online somewhere?
Help very much appreciated, I neeeeeed it! :D


  1. Look,^^ it's in spanish but i hope it can hepl you, it's very easy to do:


  2. i don't know about boots but its definitely available on amazon!

    and this video i found on you
    tube shows you how to make one!


    Lisa x

  4. Oh I used to have thissss!!! I think I saw one in superdrug not long ago?! xx

  5. Hmmmm...good luck on your the meantime you can do it without the tool...I used to...not quite as neat, but pretty good anyways.



  6. Its pretty easy to do, just make a part in your hair right above where the elastic, and loop the pony tail through the part and down, if that makes sense.

  7. I've not seen any around, but the hairstyle is very pretty x

  8. I think they sell them at Claires or in Sally Express?
    Sally Express' website is a bit rubbish. They have way more stuff in their stores.
    Or I guess you could also create your own with a bit of wire?

  9. Thank you for all of your tips! x

  10. They definitely do them in claires :) x

  11. u will prob find them on ebay but you could just make one with an old wire clothes hanger :)

  12. i was going to say claire's too but i just do it by hand

  13. i remember these!! i live in the States though, good luck finding one!! =)

  14. I used to have one of these! Not seen them for ages - what about Claires? They have a lot of hair products x

  15. its sold here so cheap like 4 bucks i think n we hv a lot


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