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28 December 2010

Last day of Christmas...

...that's what it feels like for me at least, as I am back in work tomorrow.

I don't mind that Christmas 2010 is over, to be perfectly honest. I much prefer the time leading up to Christmas. Putting up the decorations, hunting down the perfect present for a dear friend or family member. I love making Christmas cakes, watching Christmas films (Home Alone, Love Actually & The Holiday) and reading Christmas books. Once the 24th is over and done with, I am totally ready for the new year.

So that's what I'm looking forward to at the moment - the new start that we all get on the 01/01/11!

Anyway, here's to the 2010 Christmas! It has been lovely, see you again next year :)


(Picture source: moi)


  1. omg that last picture is sooooo cute!xo

  2. Beautiful blog! I am definitely now following. I love the photo of the cat all snuggled. So cute!


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